Miyerkules, Marso 30, 2011

Korean Language Test

Are you ready to take the next Korean Language Test? If Yes was your answer, simply register to POEA E-registration. 

Register Here:

Register an account or else you will not be able to take the Exam. 

After registration, click on "Status of Application". 
        *Registered - your registration was successful
        *Not Activated - you need to call POEA. Ask them to manually activate your account. 
                 POEA Tel. Nos.:(02)721-9496 / 727-7778

Now that you're done with the first step, find a Tesda Accredited Korean Language Training Center near you.

1. Can I just do "Self Study"?
         A. You can, but they say that most of the Korean Employers are giving priority to those who underwent formal schooling. Aside from that, there are people who've been to Korean already but failed to pass the exam. 

After you found a Training Center, you can downlod the KLT Reviewer from POEA website.

Here is the website.

You can download reading questions as well as listening scripts and audio files.

If you do not have your own computer at home, I suggest that you buy Reading Question book as well as Listening Question Scripts and Audio CD. Ask your training center if they have those books or if you want, you can ask me to print them for you together with the answers and keywords. ^_^

1. Focus first on the reading questions and memorize a lot vocabulary words.
2. Memorize the action verbs and descriptive verbs. (Very Important)
    These vocabulary words and verbs are your foundation before going to listening questions. 
3. Don't force yourself so much, have some rest when you feel tired. ^_^


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  1. makakapag exam po ba sa poea ang marunung mag korean kahit na hnd nag aral o hnd na accredited ng tesda?

  2. basta magaling mag korean my posibilidad po ba maka pagexam sa poea kahit hindi nag aral kasi nagwork sa korea?